We love Africa
and what she has to offer.

Her energy. Her terrain. Her spirit. And our goal is to create socks that are filled with her soul.

We are bound by the belief that whether you are running, riding out, or nailing the AMRAP – your graft is your craft. And what you choose to wear defines what you put out. Our aim is to create the art for your graft.

At Hambas we have a simple belief, we do the right thing. We respect the people who make our socks. As much as the ones we create them for. We are fair. We are honest and we do business the ethical way. We put ourselves in the shoes – and our socks – of others. We run (ride or jump) the extra mile.

By living out these promises, we strengthen relationships with our supporters and partners alike, offering them value when dealing with us. We believe that it is by the depth and integrity of these relationships with our customers, our partners and each other that together, we will achieve our goals. We believe in the power of creativity meeting performance. We believe in Africa – its beauty and power – that it is strong, joyful, surprising and that its resiliant outlook is reflected in our range. We believe that creativity borne from our continent nurtures ideas and supports resilience; that it celebrates exploration and allows communication beyond the limitation of words and cultures. It is our very commitment towards showing the best of Africa and seeking the new that sets us apart.

Our Clan. You

This page is as much about us as it is about you – the ones who are challenged as much as they are inspired by Africa. Those who respect her beauty, who are inspired by her people and challenged by her land. This page is about a brand that celebrates you, our African friends.

A word of thanks for your support – You are the lifeblood of Hambas. By entrusting us with your feet and your support, you have shown us mad respect which we gratefully return. We listen and learn from you and know that you value uniqueness and originality just as much as we do. We realise that you are curious, love to be challenged, have high standards and dare to be yourself. That’s why we put in the extra graft, ask the right questions and push ourselves to raise our standards to the level that you demand them to be.

We believe in doing right by you. We don’t cut corners; why? Because you wouldn’t either.

Our Partners. Our Trust

We design and manufacture in Africa – and we are damn proud of it. Our suppliers are sisters and brothers of our continent and we are passionate about supporting them. Hambas’ partners feel the love. Another thing, we take the time to thank them and share the results of their dedication and commitment to their craft. We respect what it takes for them to deliver trusted socks that meet our quality standards. We demand a lot from them. We appreciate them. We pay them on time.

The quality of our socks and our service hinges on the strength of the relationships we have with our partners. They enable us to deliver on our passionate commitment: to provide you with superior performance socks of unique African inspiration and style.

Our Crew. Our Pride

Bound by a shared connection with Africa and the freedom that being in her wild brings, our designers are trail runners, mtb riders and crossfitters – they bring their unique abilities and attributes to strengthen the Hambas’ design language to those who proudly choose to wear our brand.

But, like a durable pair of socks gently cradling feet, we can only be at our best when supporting each other. We take accountability for our work, but share in the responsibility of ensuring that you get the best and boldest value for money with each design. We continually lift each other up and hone our skills to keep our sock designs on point. 

In this regard, we’ve hit the ground running and haven’t stopped sprinting yet.